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Kevin, Patient of Dr. Hart

I have struggled with obesity for most of my adult life. I tried several times and methods to lose weight and nothing worked long term. I would lose 25 pounds and gain back 30. I had various weight related issues such as hypertension, sleep apnea, and was well on my way to becoming a diabetic.

A friend of mine had Bariatric Surgery a few years before me and despite his success, I was still skeptical. It wasn't until I met with Dr. Hart in late 2020, that I could see that Bariatric Surgery could help shape my environment to make lifelong changes. So on 2/5/2021, I underwent Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery and thus my journey to better health began. The process before and after my surgery has helped me form a better relationship with food choices and practice portion control. One of the most exciting aspects is I have been sober since my surgery. In August of 2020, my weight was over 360 pounds.

Today, I maintain a weight of around 200 pounds. Losing the weight has helped my confidence, and given me a more optimistic view of the future. In fact, getting healthy has revived my love of running to where as I have run several races since and completed my first Ironman in September of 2023. It wasn't until October 29, 2023 that I truly understood the impact of getting healthy. That day, I suffered from an Ischemic Stroke and firmly believe I am still here today and functioning as well as I am because I got healthy. I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Hart and Atlanta General & Bariatric Surgery for their partnership in building a better me.


Karen Sikes, Patient of Dr. Hart

I’ve always been a “chunky” girl and have tried every diet out there, without much success. As I’ve gotten older, my weight started causing some health problems. The two that worried me the most were a heart condition and sleep apnea. I had to start medication for my heart and wear a CPAP, and I HATED the CPAP! I was a long-time acid reflux sufferer and took prescription medication daily for most of my adult life.

In February 2022, I decided to take back control and started researching bariatric doctors. Atlanta Bariatrics stood out as one of the best! From the minute I walked into the office, I knew I had made the right decision. Dr. Hart and his team made me feel right at home and helped me through every step of the process. I worked closely with my team, especially my nutritionist. I took to heart everything we talked about and started incorporating some of the strategies well before my surgery – the biggest one for me was giving up Diet Coke!

October 7, 2022, was the big day, and while I was nervous, I was at peace at the same time. My weight on surgery day was 220 lbs. Since surgery, I’ve come off my acid reflux and heart medication and no longer have sleep apnea! I’ve maintained my weight between 130 and 133 lbs easily. I still follow the “rules” and don’t drink for 30 minutes after eating. I still eat on a smaller plate, and I take my vitamins as directed.

Some of the things I’ve been able to do since surgery are JUMP ROPE with my grandkids, walk 45 minutes several times per week without getting out of breath,I have much more confidence in my appearance, and love my new lifestyle. Yes, I do have loose skin…I knew I would and I’m embracing it! My only regret…NOT DOING IT SOONER!”

My starting weight 2/2022 was 238
Surgery weight 220
Current weight 132

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