General Surgery

We specialize in all aspects of general surgery including sub-specialization in advanced laparoscopic procedures, bariatric surgery, endocrine disorders, and oncologic procedures. Atlanta General and Bariatric Surgery Center has been serving the Atlanta area since 2001 and is dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate, high-quality surgical care. Our staff will provide you with a pleasant environment with courtesy and attention to your individual needs. Our experienced, board certified, university-trained surgeons strive to provide the finest surgical care.

Why Choose Atlanta General and Bariatric Surgery Center (AGBSC)?

AGBSC is an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) that provides outpatient services. Outpatient services are medical procedures or surgeries that do not require an overnight stay. For many of us, this means less time away from work and other commitments, as many procedures allow you to return home within a couple of hours.

  • ASCs are often able to provide care at a much lower cost to the patient and their insurance company through increased efficiency. On average, Medicare saves $2.3 billion annually when surgical procedures are performed at ASCs instead of hospital outpatient departments.
  • Infections rates are minimized.
  • Surgeons have a greater level of control over the surgical environment which enables them to work more effectively and efficiently to enhance outcomes.
  • ASCs typically specialize in a few procedures, which enhances the staff’s skill base and experiences in the services provided.
  • Patients report extremely high levels of satisfaction.
  • ASCs are independently regulated by several rigorous processes including government agencies (CMS), state licensure, and voluntary accreditation (AAAHC).

For more information about ASCs and their importance in the country’s healthcare system:

We offer a comprehensive bariatric surgery program for the treatment of the morbidly obese. For more information about our weight loss surgery program, please visit our other website at

Atlanta General and Bariatric Surgery Center Specialties

  • Minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery for gastroesophageal reflux disease, hernia, achalasia, and many other advanced procedures for benign and malignant disease of the colon, stomach, pancreas and small bowel
  • Surgical management of endocrine disorders including minimally invasive parathyroidectomy, and management of thyroid disease
  • Surgical management of tumors in the gastrointestinal tract (stomach, duodenum, small bowel, colon) and biliary tract (liver, pancreas, bile duct)
  • Surgical management of other malignancies including soft tissue sarcomas and malignant melanomas
  • All aspects of routine general surgery including surgery for hernias, gall bladder disease, colorectal cancer, appendix, intestinal obstruction, and inflammatory diseases of the stomach, small intestine, and colon

When faced with needing surgery it’s important to consider all of your options. There are numerous benefits to having surgery in an outpatient ambulatory surgical center like Atlanta General and Bariatric Surgery Center (AGBSC). The outpatient or ambulatory surgery centers allow a patient to undergo surgery without being admitted to the hospital. You and your surgeon will decide if outpatient surgery is right for you, but these centers offer alternatives for those needing less invasive or more routine procedures.

Our surgery center has a fully trained surgical staff to assist you before, during and after your surgery at the center. Once your surgery is complete, you will spend time recovering at the center before returning home, where you can complete your recovery in a more comfortable environment.

Atlanta General & Bariatric Surgery Center located in Johns Creek, GA, attracts patients from all over the metro Atlanta area and beyond including Suwanee, Berkeley, Norcross, Dunwoody, and Oakwood, GA. Our board certified surgeons, Dr. Christopher J. Hart, Dr. William H. Johnson, Dr. Michael Williams or Dr. Brendon Curtis perform medical procedures or surgeries that do not require an overnight stay.

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